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SIRIC : A label of excellence for multidisciplinary and integrated research

The French National Cancer Institute has introduced a competitive policy for the accreditation of Integrated Cancer Research Sites (SIRIC).

Their aim is to

  1. provide new operational conditions for translational cancer research, in order to optimise and accelerate the production of new knowledge;
  2. promote the dissemination and application of new knowledge in cancer treatment.

SIRICs bring together, on a single site, medical services, multidisciplinary research teams (clinical, biological, technological, epidemiological, human sciences, economic and social sciences and public health) and high-tech resources/platforms. Together, these components enable integrated, multidisciplinary research programmes to be carried out.

The SIRIC Montpellier Cancer

Designated in 2023 for the third consecutive time, the SIRIC Montpellier Cancer brings together a critical mass of researchers and cliniciens associated with two University Hospitals (Montpellier Cancer Institute and Montpellier University Hospital) and the most important academic science organisations (CNRS, INSERM and Universities of Montpellier).

Working with multidisciplinary research teams (clinical, biology, physics, mathematics, human and social sciences) and cutting-edge technological platforms, the SIRIC Montpellier Cancer is conducting innovative research around three central themes – radiotherapy, prevention and supportive care, and onco-metabolism – with the ultimate goal of having a significant impact on clinical practices in the near future.

Professor Marc Ychou, General Director of the ICM and SIRIC Montpellier Director (2012-2023)

« « We are extremely proud to have been awarded the SIRIC label – “Integrated Cancer Research Site” – for the third time. We are now the only SIRIC in the south of France. This is a major recognition of the excellence of cancer research in a region whose dynamism has been amplified by the University’s i-SITE programme of excellence and the strong political action of the Metropole of Montpellier with the « Med Vallée » project, making Montpellier a world-class global health ecosystem. »

Professor David Azria, SIRIC Montpellier Director

« Thanks to SIRIC, we have built a concerted scientific strategy aimed at making Montpellier an international centre of excellence whose ambition is to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic concepts for cancer patients. Today, our programme focuses on 3 areas: the optimisation of internal and external radiotherapy treatments through the integration of Artificial Intelligence; the development of interventional research to reduce the incidence of cancer thanks to our expertise in psychosocial and behavioural sciences; and the development of innovative therapeutic strategies based on a better understanding of the metabolic alterations in cancer cells. »

Our missions

The SIRIC has a triple mission of integration, structuring and valorisation:

To develop and drive a defined number of integrated research programmes of excellence, with the ultimate aim of reducing the incidence and mortality of cancer and improving the care of cancer patients.

To set up the necessary conditions, in terms of infrastructure and resources, to carry out research that responds to the expected criteria of excellence, innovation, integration, multidisciplinarity and transfer (technological platforms, research support structures, protected time, attractiveness for new researchers, etc.).

To ensure that the results and know-how obtained are implemented, promoted and disseminated.

8 SIRICs certified for 5 years

  • SIRIC Curie – Sergio ROMAN-ROMAN (Curie Institute)
  • EpiCure – Sophie POSTEL-VINAY (Gustave Roussy Institute)
  • LYriCAN+ – Jean-Yves BLAY (GCS LCU – Lyon)
  • SIRIC Montpellier Cancer – David AZRIA (ICM)
  • CARPEM – Pierre LAURENT-PUIG (AP-HP, University Paris Cité)
  • InsiTu – Valérie PARADIS (AP-HP Nord, University Paris Cité)
  • CURAMUS – Marc SANSON (AP-HP Sorbonne University)
  • ILIAD – Philippe MOREAU (GCS IRéCAN – Angers/Nantes)

Founding partners

The SIRICs are jointly funded by INCa, the Ministry of Health (DGOS) and Inserm on behalf of the Life Sciences and Health Alliance (Aviesan).

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With financial support from INCa, DGOS, and Inserm