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PRIORITY: PRedictive and Integrated Omics Radiobiology and Imaging for Tailored radiotherapY


Pr Stéphanie NOUGARET

MD, PhD, Radiologist (ICM), Head of the “Precision imaging, a new key in cancer treatment” team (IRCM)

Dr Jean-Pierre POUGET

PhD, head of the “Radiobiology for targeted and personalised radiotherapy” team (IRCM)

PRIORITY aims to optimise internal and external radiotherapy treatments using a multimodal approach integrating tumour biology, radiobiology, dosimetry and AI-driven next-generation imaging.

The Axis 1 objective is to compare different RT modalities in preclinical models of PDAC and HCC. Several irradiation modalities will be considered and compared for PDAC and HCC treatment. Modalities will differ by the irradiation source (external vs internal), radiation type (low vs high LET), dose rate, and dose fractionation. Besides EBRT and RPT, medical devices including BT and microspheres will be used.

Axis 1 expected result is to identify the RT modality(ies) with the best therapeutic ratio for PDAC and HCC.

The Axis 2 objective is to image changes in physical, chemical and biological parameters by MRI, PET and SPECT before, during, and after irradiation. The expected result is to generate a multimodal and multiparametric image library to monitor the tumour response to irradiation in preclinical PDAC and HCC models.

The Axis 3 objective is to develop a predictive model (virtual biopsy) that will integrate selected parametric imaging and biology parameters. The expected result is to make a virtual biopsy model available to select patients, predict the response to RT, select and modulate the irradiation regimen for an optimised treatment of PDAC and HCC by EBRT and/or RPT.

The Axis 4 objective is to organise the translation into clinical use of the multiparametric preclinical models developed in the previous axis and to identify the best candidates (patients) for MRI-guided RT (MRgRT) and Stereotactic Magnetic Resonance-guided Adaptive Radiotherapy (SMART) for cancers with a poor prognosis, such as pancreatic cancer or HCC.

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With financial support from INCa, DGOS, and Inserm