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New translational approaches in cancer therapy

The postdoc association of the Cancer Research Center of Toulouse was created in 2022 by Benoît Aliaga, Chloé Bessière and Steffen Fuchs. It gathers more than 30 postdocs who work at the CRCT. As an initiative of postdocs/young clinician scientists for postdocs/clinician scientists we organized the 1st Young Scientist Cancer Congress of the Cancéropôle Grand Sud Ouest (GSO) on the 5th October 2023 at the Oncopole, Toulouse. The event turned out to be a big success, leading to an idea to create an annual meeting taking place in major cities of the South-Western France and promoting the networking among the young researchers. The 2nd Young Scientist Cancer Congress will take place on 10-11th October in Montpellier and will treat the subject of new translational approaches in cancer therapy. This year we again several renowned international scientists will present their latest work, which will guarantee a high level scientific discussion.

MORE INFORMATION: 2nd Young Scientist Cancer Congress 2024 (YS2C)

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