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3 OCTOBRE 2023


141 Rue de la Cardonille

34000 Montpellier

Station Tram T1, arrêt Occitanie


8h30 | Welcome participants

9h00 | Introduction

9h10 – 10h40 | SESSION n°1  


10X GENOMICS | Empowering Impactful Science with Leading Edge spatial Technologies : Xenium

Philippe Bertolino (Centre Léon Berard / Lyon / Visium) | Tracking the heterogeneity and function of folliculostellate cells in pituitary tumours through single cell and spatial transcriptomics 

AKOYA BIOSCIENCES | Scaling up deep Spatial Phenotyping with a novel Multiomic approach 

BIO-TECHNE The RNAscope assay: the easiest way to perform robust spatial transcriptomic at the single cell level 

  |   Coffee Break

11h10 – 12h10 |  SESSION n°2  

VIZGEN | Decipher Tissue Complexity with SpatialGenomics: Single Cell Spatially Resolved Transcriptomic Imaging with MERSCOPE Powered by MERFISH 

Pascal Barbry (PMC / Nice / Merscope) |  Title to come

|  Lunch Break

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13h30 – 15h10 | SESSION N°3 

NANOSTRING  | The Power of Proximity: GeoMx and CosMx to reveal Spatial Biology Phenomena

Lisa Oliver (Université de Nantes / Geomx) | Spatial distribution of immune cells in primary versus recurrent glioblastoma

LUNAPHORE Mapping the spatial heterogeneity of the tumor microenvironment with novel hyperplex immunofluorescence 

 |  Coffee Break

15h30 – 16h50 | SESSION N°4

Xavier Rovira Clave (Stanford) | Epitope barcoding and high-plex protein imaging reveal clonal tumor patch behaviors

Davide Normanno (IGH / Montpellier) | High throughput single-molecule RNA FISH at sub-cellular resolution


16h50 | Conclusion

Participation gratuite sur inscription.

Attention : le nombre de places étant limité, il est conseillé de s’inscrire dès aujourd’hui.

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