Siric > Antibody engineering – GenAc Platform

Location IRCM

Name of the Coordinator Dr Pierre Martineau & Dr. Bruno Robert

Description (expertise, activity and resources)

The GenAc platform proposes to select and produce specific antibodies against therapeutic targets using phage display. This activity is based on synthetic human antibody libraries build at the IRCM. This development of monoclonal antibodies is proposed in priority to the Montpellier SIRIC community, but is also opened to external groups in France if resources are available.

The proposed approach allows notably to select cross-reacting antibodies (mouse-human target for example) to evaluate toxicity and activity in any pre-clinical model (xenografted, syngeneic, spontaneous, chemically induced or transgenic mouse model). Moreover this platform does not use animals for producing antibodies, alleviating ethical limitations, immune restriction, and in vivo toxicity of the antigen. Finally, because of the in vitro approach used, this allows a much faster development time.

Up to now, we have finalized more than 10 projects and one antibody has already been patented.

Thanks to the support of SIRIC, one engineer is working full-time on the platform, performing routine selection and production of antibody. This engineer is supervised by two specialized scientists from the IRCM. A scientific committee comprising one scientist of each institute participating to the SIRIC selects projects and follows the progression of each project twice a year.