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Rare Human Circulating Cells Laboratory – LCCRH

The LCCRH has scientific and technical expertise in the exploration of residual disease in cancerology, in particular the identification and characterisation of circulating tumour cells (CTCs : real-time liquid biopsy of the tumour and/or metastases).

Clinical proteomics platform

The clinical proteomics platform aims to exploit the most recent technological developments in proteomics for the discovery, validation and use of biomarkers in numerous human pathologies. It offers medical, biological and technical expertise in clinical proteomics to academic and industrial teams, using several technological approaches based on the use of clinical samples and high throughput are available (electrophoresis, quantification by targeted mass spectrometry, multiplex analysis, etc).

Transcriptome platform

The transcriptome platform carries out pangenome, fine or targeted analyses of gene expression, gene regulation and DNA structure, using RNA, DNA or directly from the cell on Affymetrix very high density chips and the Fluidigm system.

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