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Attached to the Cancer Institute of Montpellier (ICM), the Montpellier Cancer SIRIC is directed by Professor Marc Ychou, General Director ICM.

mARC yCHOUTo accomplish his mission, the Director relies on a management team to implement the administrative and coordination activities of the SIRI





  • Vanessa GUILLAUMON, SIRIC Manager




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  • Karine Saget, Coordination Project ManagerKarine Saget









  • Aurore Marquis, AssistantAurore Marquis








Steering committees

The role of the Management Board is to approve the general policy of the SIRIC and to control its effective functioning. It is composed of representatives of the SIRIC partner institutions and associated organisations.

The role of the Scientific Steering Committee is to define the scientific policy of the SIRIC and to decide on the allocation of resources in relation to the organisation and functioning of research programs.

Composition of the Scientific Steering Committee 

Program Coordination Committees

Each research program is led by a clinician and a researcher, working in partnership to define the strategic guidelines of the program. To develop its strategy program, leaders rely on a Coordinating Committee, which participates in the organisation of scientific work and ensures the implementation of program objectives.

International Advisory Committee

An International Advisory Committee of scientists renowned in the research themes of the SIRIC intervene to make recommendations regarding the relevance of scientific guidance programs.

Composition of the International Advisory Committee