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Supporting and facilitating access to biological resources is at the heart of the Montpellier SIRIC strategy that aims to increase the cancer research capacity and contribute significantly to the development of personalised medicine.


The oncology BRC at ICM allows direct access to specific biological materials from clinically-well defined cohorts of cancer patients in compliance with legislation and ethical rules.

These biological resources are made available to researchers of ICM as well as to academic and private research teams. The ambition is to assign a Clinical-Biological Database (BCB) to all the pathologies treated at ICM which is a reference center in France for breast cancer, digestive cancer, sarcomas and gynecology cancer. 10 Institutional BCBs have already been developed in reference pathologies: colon, pancreas, peritoneal carcinosis, sarcomas, breast, and rectum.

Patients are informed about the use of their biological resources and give their consent before samples are taken for research purposes.

The BRC of ICM is certified under the NFS quality norm 96-900 since 2014. Quality controls of the biological resources are carried out: histological control of tissue samples, quality control of DNA and RNA derivative products and control of storage conditions.

How to get samples ?

All requests to make biological resources available must be submitted to the decision of the Translational Research Committee (CORT) of the ICM. A project form (see below) must be filled out and sent to A summary of the application will be made to the scientific committee.

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Contact: Dr Jean-Pierre Bleuse, Coordinator of BRC-ICM :

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BRC- CHU Montpellier

The BRC of the University Hospital of Montpellier is a platform of human biological resources management that is positioned at the interface between research and health care. The general purpose is to organize and unite the biological collections of the University Hospital of Montpellier, pooling tools and skills for the management, processing, preservation and provision of resources. All of its activities are carried out for the benefit of academic and / or industrial research.

The BRC is structured around seven distinct thematics that can make available tissues (frozen, fresh, paraffin …), biological fluids and cells, but also derivatives such as DNA, RNA. Two clinical themes are emblematic among BRC collections: oncology (cerebral tumours, lung cancer, hematology) and neurological degenerative disease (dementia).

The BRC is certified under the NFS quality norm 96-900 since June 2015.

More information: (in French)

Contact : Nathalie Coux-Le Berre, Project Manager:




The BioBanques LR network was created to pool the resources and skills of the biobanks of the main healthcare institutions in the Languedoc-Roussillon region (CHU Montpellier – CHU Nîmes – ICM).

The main objective is to facilitate access to collections of human biological samples within the framework of public or private research projects, through simple transfer or research collaboration contracts, under the required quality and safety conditions and in compliance with regulatory provisions.

More information:

Contact : Edouard Bosvert, Project Manager :