Siric > Preclinical models in colorectal cancer – MPCC Platform

 Location IRCM

Name of the Coordinator: Dr. Céline Gongora

Description (expertise, activity and resources)

The MPCC platform, created by the SIRIC, proposes different graft models available as part of research contracts or collaborations:

– A model with hepatic metastasis by injection of cells into the spleen, followed by a splenectomy to prevent primary tumour growth.

– An orthotopic model with injection of cells directly into the caecum. This graft will result in primary tumour growth in the caecum and the associated metastases can grow at different distant sites.

– An intra-pancreatic model with injection of cells directly into the pancreas.

This platform also proposes intraperitoneal and intravenous grafts.

Various cell models already tested for their ability to form primary tumours or metastasis are available. Several of these human and murine cell lines stably express a luciferase reporter gene, allowing the in vivo monitoring of the tumour growth by a noninvasive bioluminescence imaging system. Detection of as few as several dozens of cells can be achieved.

Typical examples of utilization of the MPCC platform include testing effects of a new therapeutic drug, antibodies or genes on tumour growth and invasiveness.

The MPCC platform works in close collaboration with RAM (Réseau des Animaleries de Montpellier), IPAM (Imagerie du Petit Animal de Montpellier), RHEM (Réseau d’Histologie Expérimentale de Montpellier) and MRI (Montpellier Rio Imaging).