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Biological resources are valuable tools for researchers to study the molecular and genetic characteristics of tumours. Supporting and facilitating access to biological resources is at the heart of the Montpellier SIRIC strategy that aims to increase the cancer research capacity and contribute significantly to the development of personalised medicine.



Colon-LR Collection 


Under the research program dedicated to colorectal cancer, the Montpellier SIRIC coordinates a regional network for the collection of pre-neoplastic and neoplastic colonic tissue. The constitution of the Colon-LR clinico-biological base aims to facilitate access to colonic tissue samples associated with clinical, biological and epidemiological data for the scientific and medical community. The target is to accelerate the development of preclinical and translational projects that will ultimately lead to a better understanding of colonic tumorigenesis and metastasis dissemination mechanisms.

How to get samples?

The BCB Colon-LR data and biological material transfer occurs after validation of a research project by the Coordinating Committee of the Colorectal Cancer Program of the SIRIC and the scientific committees of the Biological Resource Centres at the ICM or the University Hospital in Montpellier.