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NovaGray awarded at the Hello Tomorrow Challenge

Towards a personalized radiation therapy cancer treatment

NovaGray is developing a new generation of companion diagnostic tests aimed at improving radiation therapy planning.
The overarching goal of NovaGray lies in the practitioner’s ability to tailor the dose and the sessions’ sequencing to the profile of his or her patient.
This serves two purposes:

  • To tailor the patient’s medical care to his or her profile
  • To lessen side effects outbreaks

NovaGray is developing tests for breast, prostate and lung cancers.

The Hello Tomorrow Challenge  is a global startup competition for the most promising science-technology projects and startups that aim to solve the world’s pressing issues in 10 different sectors. It brings together a curated selection of high profile entrepreneurs on an invite-only basis (including winners from the Challenge), top investors (Accel, Index, Y Combinator, 500 startups, etc.), Hello Tomorrow Partners and other executives (NASA, IBM, Google[x], etc.), scientists and media.

NovaGray has been selected as the global winner for the €15000 Healthcare Track Prize for its technology. (Sponsored by Roche)