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Professor Marc Ychou, Montpellier SIRIC Director : “Our goal is to optimise the organisation of cancer research, to engage in innovative research programs and to strengthen the means of translational research: our ambition is to discover new pathways leading towards personalised medicine for the benefit of each patient with cancer.”

A collaboration lever in the fight against cancer


The aim of the Montpellier SIRIC is to integrate and coordinate all the regional parties dedicated to cancer research, to act as a driving force for optimal interaction of a network of clinicians and researchers towards an integrated approach to cancer research. As such, the SIRIC represents a powerful lever of collaboration in the quest of the following objectives:

  • To develop and drive innovative research programs around three major themes which integrate such fundamental factors as translational and clinical dimensions:

◦ Colorectal cancer: from the improvement of current treatments toward therapeutic innovation

◦ Optimizing delivery of internal and external radiation therapy

◦ Tumour escape: exploration of mechanismsand search for targets

  •  To develop a program for the dissemination of knowledge and advanced research to health professionals and the general public in order to promote access to new medical practices and screening.