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Coordonnateur programme Génome

The Tumor escape program is coordinated by Pr Guillaume Cartron, PU-PH, Department of Clinical Hematology CHU Montpellier, and Dr Charles Theillet, team leader of the research group ” Tumor identity and plasticity”.

Main goals of this program

cell 6The “Integrity of the Genome” Program aims to develop new therapeutic approaches focused on the factors involved in genome instability and its consequences on the appearance and progression of cancer.

The integrity of the genome is essential to the proper functioning of the organism. The genome consists of very long DNA molecules whose replication is a biological process regulated during the cell cycle. DNA replication and repair errors can occur and lead to genome instability associated with tumor proliferation. A better understanding of how normal and tumor cells respond to genome instability is therefore a major challenge in cancer research.

The main objective of the teams contributing to this program is to develop excellent fundamental research on genome dynamics and the cell cycle in order to improve the understanding of the mechanisms that contribute to the cancer process. Topics covered include the study of cell cycle control points, DNA repair mechanisms, replicative stress, cellular metabolism.