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A partnership policy with the pharmaceutical industry

Research conducted within Montpellier SIRIC is based on strong partnerships with pharmaceutical companies. This collaboration represents a major strategic factor and is an essential ingredient in the development of new research perspectives.

In areas of mutual interest, the expertise and know-how of academic teams fulfil the needs of industrial partners and contribute to public and private scientific co-production. Futhermore, the access to innovative molecules is made possible thanks to these partnerships, in particular during the early phases of clinical trials.


New companies arising from research

Testifying to the dynamism of the Montpellier SIRIC team’s research, innovative biotechnology companies have been created out of its research laboratories’ findings. Fundamental discoveries made by these academic laboratories will be able to find a wide range of applications for patient care in the future .

Metafora Biosystems

METAFORA biosystems develops a unique technology based on new biomarkers nutrients transporters ligands, allowing identifying and measuring the changes in the metabolic status of living cells in normal or disrupted conditions by illness or a drug. This technology is marketed for research as METAscreen™kit. In parallel, the company leads R&D programs with industrial and academic partners to develop biomarkers for application in targeted areas (including diagnosis).

Contact: Luc d’Auriol, Président: Tél : + 33 (0)1 60 87 89 25

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SurgiMAb is a biotechnology company specialised in the development of injectable fluorescent conjugates. Founded by Dr Marian Gutowski, oncology surgeon at Montpellier Cancer Institute ICM and Dr André Pelegrin, Director of Montpellier Cancer Research Institute IRCM and working on the use of antibodies and their derivatives in the diagnosis and treatment of cancers, SurgiMAb develops an innovative technology that allows visualization of infra-clinical size tumors invisible to the surgeon’s naked eyes during surgery.

Contact: Francoise Cailler, Présidente: Tél : + 33 (0)4 67 61 24 17

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