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imge irradiateur expérimentale

Thanks to the support of SIRIC, an experimental radiotherapy core facility was created in 2015 at the IRCM following the acquisition of a pre-clinical irradiator (x-strahl, Sys SARRP Lite (Xenx) Serial). This instrument is dedicated to the irradiation of cells, whole body mice and subcutaneous grafted tumours in mice by using collimators ranging from 0.5 mm in diameter to 10 mm x 10 mm. The Xenx has a rotating X-ray tube that can deliver doses from multiple angles, as well as a camera that can perform an X-ray to allow the user to target the tumour correctly.

Three engineers have been trained to use the irradiator and dedicate part of their time to realize the irradiations for several teams at the IRCM and in the Montpellier community (IGMM, IGH, Pharmacological School, ISEM). One physicist from the ICM performs the calibration and checking of the dose distribution of the irradiation.

A steering committee composed of a physicist, a scientist, an engineer, a competent person in Radioactivity (PCR) and the coordinator of the SIRIC was created to ensure the proper functioning of the platform.

Conditions of access:

The platform is open to all. Access to the irradiator is only possible by appointment. For further information, please contact

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