Siric > University Diploma on Translational Research in Oncology

SIRIC Montpellier Cancer launched an initiative to create a University Diploma on Translational Research in Oncology that targets science and medical graduates, research engineers and personnel from biotech and pharmaceutical industries. The purpose of this diploma is to provide interdisciplinary training in theoretical and practical aspects of translational research through modules on current technologies, methods and bioinformatics tools used for preclinical and translational investigations, development of innovative cancer biomarker assays, and key steps of the innovation continuum (i.e., notions of intellectual property, technology transfer, start-up creation and business development). This university training course  is co-managed by Montpellier University and ICM School of Cancer.

The programme includes 4 courses Units (CU) :

  • CU1 : Fundamental bases of oncology
  • CU 2 : Methods and tools of translational research
  • CU 3 : Biomarkers and therapeutic innovation in oncology
  • CU 4 : Key steps of the innovation continuum: from preclinical/clinical idea to project implementation

For more information or questions contact: Dr Céline Bourgier: or Pr. Alexandre Evrard:

Further information is available at: (in French)