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Certification of Clinical Research and Biometry units of ICM

The Clinical Research and Biometry units of ICM were officially certified ISO 9001 by AFNOR Certification on September 14th.

The official presentation of the AFNOR certificate took place in the presence of Professor Marc Ychou, Professor David Azria, Jean-Pierre Bleuse, and Deputy Regional Delegate of the AFNOR Occitanie, Christine Sorli.

After warmly congratulating the teams for their investment and success, Professor Marc Ychou underlined the fundamental role of clinical research and biometrics, “the last step to implement the last therapeutic advances for patients”. He also pointed out that the ICM was a model center for clinical research in France.

ISO 9001 certification is an international standard that defines requirements for setting up a Quality Management System (QMS). This is awarded for a period of 3 years. Internationally recognized the ISO 9001 standard guarantees to all patients, physicians and partners a high level of quality and safety in project management.

Today, the ICM is the only establishment in the Occitanie Méditerranée region to obtain this certification, which has mobilized more than 90 people for more than one year.