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Cavalli team publishes in Molecular cell

Molecular Cell 5 July 2018 Polycomb-Dependent Chromatin Looping Contributes to Gene Silencing during Drosophila Development. YukiOgiyama, Bernd Schuettengruber, Giorgio L. Papadopoulos, Jia-Ming Chang, Giacomo Cavalli. Read more on the website of the IGH


Pasero team publishes in Nature

Nature 2018 in press SAMHD1 acts at stalled replication forks to prevent interferon induction. Coquel F, Silva M, Técher H, Zadorozhny K, Sharma S, Nieminuszczy J, Mettling C, Dardillac E, Barthe A, Schmitz A, Promonet A, Cribier A, Sarrazin A,
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Last Publication of Jérôme Moreaux team’s (IGH)

British Journal of Cancer 2 Mars 2018 DNMTi/HDACi combined epigenetic targeted treatment induces reprogramming of myeloma cells in the direction of normal plasma cells. Bruyer A1, Maes K2, Herviou L1, Kassambara A1,3, Seckinger A4, Cartron G5,6,7, Rème T1,3, Robert N3,
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Image Nature

Fisher team publishes in Nature Communications

Nature 8 Décembre 2017 Spatial competition constrains resistance to targeted cancer therapy. Bacevic K, Noble R, Soffar A, Wael Ammar O, Boszonyik B, Prieto S, Vincent C, Hochberg ME, Krasinska L, Fisher D (2017) Consulter la publication


Certification of Clinical Research and Biometry units of ICM

The Clinical Research and Biometry units of ICM were officially certified ISO 9001 by AFNOR Certification on September 14th. The official presentation of the AFNOR certificate took place in the presence of Professor Marc Ychou, Professor David Azria, Jean-Pierre Bleuse,
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