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Doctoral position available on Multiple Myeloma

Multiple myeloma (MM) is a mostly incurable malignant disease of clonal plasma cells that accumulate in the bone marrow. Our vision is that treatment improvements will come from detailed molecular analyses to develop individualized therapies taking into account the molecular heterogeneity and subclonality evolution. Genome and epigenome sequencing has been performed to define the tumor and intra-tumor heterogeneity, understand the molecular events involved in myelomagenesis and clonal evolution, identify new prognostic factors and develop personalized treatments.

In our project, we plan to:

  1. Characterize the tumor heterogeneity (genomic and epigenomic diversity) and understand how treatment influences intraclonal evolution in MM,
  2. Understand the molecular events involved in myelomagenesis and clonal evolution,
  3. Elucidate the mechanisms of resistance, identify targets in MM cells to overcome drug resistance and develop personalized treatments.

A PhD position is available to develop this project (Project headed by Jerome Moreaux) at the University Hospital of Montpellier.  Furthermore, our myeloma group has joined the group of Philippe Pasero at the Institute of Human Genetics in January 2015 and disposes of an optimal asset to tackle this project, both from the molecular and the clinical side.

Candidates must be highly motivated and hardworking with experience in molecular and cell biology and in bioinformatics. Our laboratory offers the opportunity to conduct high quality research in a supportive environment.

Please email your CV, a statement of research interests, and the names of two references to: